FAQs & Policies2022-02-03T17:53:20-05:00

We want you to have a great experience here are some of the top questions we receive.

Where is the Aloha Tiki Boat?2022-02-03T17:15:37-05:00

We are docked at The Golden Nugget Farley State Marina, Atlantic City.

Where does the Tiki Boat pick us up?2022-03-24T17:37:19-04:00

Normally, we pick you up at “E” Dock behind the Deck Stage. On the day of your cruise, we will let you know where to board in case there is a change.

Is parking available? If so, where?2022-02-03T17:40:17-05:00

Free parking is available in Lot “A” or in the Golden Nugget garage.

What is your cancellation policy?2022-03-24T17:39:40-04:00

If you provide at least 72 hours minimum notification, we will offer you a refund for your cruise. If you need to cancel without 72 hours notice, we will issue you a refund only if we are able to fill your cancelled booking.

NO-SHOWS will not be refunded.

We reserve the right to cancel any cruise at any time due to mechanical, weather, or safety reasons that may arise. You will be given a rain check to book again at another time or a complete refund if we cancel your cruise.

There are no refunds for behavioral issues and/or alcohol related infractions that cause the cruise to be cancelled.

Are the Captain and Crew trained?2022-02-03T04:23:18-05:00

Yes! All of our captains are licensed by the USCG. They have extensive knowledge of the local waters, commercially and recreationally.

Should I tip my Captain and Crew?2022-02-03T04:24:06-05:00

Our captains appreciate tips, so a gratuity is welcomed. They work hard to make your trip safe and to provide you with an amazing experience on your Aloha Tiki Cruise!

Does the boat cruise in the rain?2022-02-03T17:17:42-05:00

If a steady rain is in the forecast, we may cancel the cruise. If we do, you’ll get a full refund or rain check for a change of date. We will notify you if we need to cancel as soon as we make the decision.


We have clear SIDE CURTAINS that ENCLOSE our BAR AREA so if the forecast is just passing showers or light rain, the boat can & will still cruise. During a cruise, if the Captain decides that the weather dictates the cruise should be terminated for safety reasons, a rain check for another trip will be issued to you.

What should I wear?2022-02-03T17:19:02-05:00

While boarding & de-boarding

Please wear non-skid shoes or flip flops. Shirts & cover ups are preferred.

Once your cruise is underway, you may wear bathing suits if you choose.

During the cruise

This is a moving boat. Don’t attempt to wear heels or dress shoes. Instead, wear non-skid shoes or flip flops.

Sunscreen and sunglasses are strongly suggested. Partial shade is available under our tiki roof.

Oftentimes, it can be cooler on the water – please plan accordingly. Bring a wrap or some sort or jacket.

Are beverages and food provided?2022-02-03T04:06:25-05:00

Unfortunately, tiki cruise boats are not allowed to serve food and beverages. However, you can bring your own food & drink of choice. Yes, alcohol is permitted (within reason.)

Is there a restroom on board?2022-02-03T04:24:53-05:00

Yes! It’s not a 5 star restroom, but it is clean, safe and serves the purpose.

How many people can you carry?2022-02-03T04:07:29-05:00

USCG allows us to carry up to six passengers plus crew.

Can I Smoke or Vape?2022-02-03T17:19:33-05:00

No. We are a Drug Free and Smoke free boat. There is no Vaping, no Smoking, no Marijuana and no illicit drug use allowed on board, on the dock, or boarding area.

If you are found to be doing any of these prohibited actions your trip will be terminated, or you will not be able to board the vessel.

There is NO REFUND for this infraction.

In addition, if you show up for your cruise and the Captain or crew determines that you are under the influence of alcohol or anything else that may impair your judgement, reflexes, or jeopardize the safety of yourself, crew, or other passengers then you will not be allowed to board the vessel and you will NOT be given a refund.

You may also be banned from cruising with us in the future.

PLEASE be courteous to us and others.

Can I bring my kids?2022-02-03T17:20:27-05:00

Our daytime cruises are more appropriate for younger guests.

Regulations require all children 12 and under wear a USCG approved floatation device at all times while on the boat..

We encourage you to leave infants and very small children at home if possible.

Can I jump off & go swimming?2022-02-03T04:27:03-05:00

Absolutely not. Anyone who attempts to jump off the boat will immediately be brought back to the dock and banned from returning in the future and the entire cruise will end with no refund

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